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Earth® 3-Spray Showerhead Series

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Your customer can refresh under a soothing showerhead. With the Earth® showerhead, a smooth and simple rotation switches the spray style. Conserve the heat used to warm up water, thanks to this head’s non-aerated design. In turn, your customers save more money on their energy bill, and they are less likely to run out of hot water during showers—a win-win. 

As you help conserve our planet’s resources, your customers can enjoy an indulgent—yet guilt-free—shower experience. It works like a charm in rentals, homes with wells and septic tanks and any shower you use.  

Available in two finish options. WaterSense® labeled for maximum performance.


This Earth® showerhead:

  • Efficiently flows at 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 or 2.0 GPM
  • Optimizes  water flow, no matter current water pressure
  • Features a metal ball joint and durable plastic body for maintenance-free use
  • Installs easily
  • Provides 3 settings: needle (gentle), massage (forceful) and combination
  • Tailors the number of nozzles used, from 9 to 45 nozzles, to the spray setting

Product Warranty: 10 years

Model #FinishGPMWaterSense LabeledSpecs
N2912 White 1.25 Yes View Specs
N2912CH Chrome 1.25 Yes View Specs
N2915N White 1.5 Yes View Specs
N2915CH Chrome 1.5 Yes View Specs
N2915BN Brushed Nickel 1.5 Yes View Specs
N2917 White 1.75 Yes View Specs
N2917CH Chrome 1.75 Yes View Specs
N2920 White 2.0 Yes View Specs
N2920CH Chrome 2.0 Yes View Specs
N2925N White 2.5 No View Specs


Spray Settings

The showerhead features 3 spray settings: needle (gentle), massage (forceful) and combination.



What’s a Flow Rate?

A flow rate measures how much water flows from your showerhead, faucet aerator or other nozzle each minute. Usually the rate is measured in gallons per minute (shortened to GPM). The lower the flow rate, the better efficiency—and greater hot water savings—a fixture has.


N2912, N2912CH, N2915N, N2915CH, N2915BN, N2917, N2917CH, N29120, N2920CH, N2925N
Warranty Information:
AM Conservation Group, Inc. guarantees to the original purchaser or recipient of a showerhead that it is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 10 years. AM Conservation Group, Inc. will at our choice replace any part of the showerhead which is in our opinion defective provided that the product has not been abused, misused, altered, or damaged after its purchase. This includes damage due to the use of tools or harsh chemicals. In the event a product has been discontinued, AM Conservation Group, Inc. will replace it with what we determine to be the closest product. AM Conservation Group, Inc. is not responsible for labor charges, installation, or other consequential cost. AM Conservation Group, Inc.’s responsibility shall not exceed the original cost of the product.
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