Power Rinser Pre-Rinse Spray Valve

Save money and time spent washing dishes in commercial kitchens with the Power Rinser. You get a strong stream to blast grime off dirty pots, pans, plates and even hard-to-wash vegetables—with minimal splashing. On all sides of the valve, a dish-protecting bumper helps prevent broken dishes. Whenever it is not use the “always-on” handle clip, it stays out of the way. Certified by the Food Services Technology Center and endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.

The pre-rinse spray valve is:

  • Efficient, using only 1.1 GPM
  • Perfect for commercial use
  • Interchangeable with your current valve
  • Leak-resistant, thanks to solid brass fitting
  • Convenient, with an “always-on” handle clip that delivers a constant flow
  • Powerful, with a spray that’s 3″ wide (minimum) when 9″ from nozzle
Model #ColorGPMSpec
N2180-1.1 Green 1.1 View Specs


What’s a Flow Rate?

A flow rate measures how much water flows from a showerhead, faucet aerator or other nozzle each minute. Usually the rate is measured in gallons per minute (shortened to GPM). The lower the flow rate, the better efficiency—and greater hot water savings—a fixture has.




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