TrickleStar Seven-Outlet Advanced Power Strip


The seven-outlet Advanced Power Strip (APS) features one control outlet, two always-on outlets, and four switched (energy-saving) outlets. The APS cuts power loss from electronics that consume energy while they are switched off or in standby mode by shutting off the supply power to peripheral devices (such as the DVD player or printer) plugged into the switched outlets when the control device (such as a TV or computer) is turned off or placed into standby mode. It features premium-quality, ceramic-encased fireproof surge protection (540 or 1,080 joules) to protect connected equipment from surge spikes. All outlets are clearly labeled, so setup is easy, and it can be installed in both residential and commercial workplace applications. This Tier 1 APS product is listed to UL1363 and UL1449.

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TS1501 Coming Soon!
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