Kit Programs

Easy-to-implement program

There's no better way to get people using energy- and water-conservation products than to put them right into their hands.

That's what our kit programs do. And they're an easy, turnkey way to get verifiable savings—fast.

Not only that, but kit programs serve as a welcome goodwill gesture.

After all, who doesn't love getting a great (or free) deal? Adding kit programs to your energy-saving efforts makes for happy customers and savings for everyone.

We first started offering energy-kit programs back in the 1990s when we saw they were a gateway to hard-to-reach customers. When customers realized the energy and water savings they could achieve, they were hooked and more likely to participate in other programs down the road. Today, our kit program is more sophisticated than when we started and has an even greater reach. We now offer water, energy, weatherization and combination kits for a variety of markets. And we’ve integrated them into nurture campaigns to encourage wide and deep portfolio participation in a customer-centric way that’s tied to their unique journey.

Residential Kit Programs

Utility companies, program managers and government agencies trust us to run some of the largest residential efficiency kit programs in the United States and into Canada. By putting conservation products directly into homes—and making it easy for homeowners to install them with helpful add-ins like pipe tape, inserts translated into various languages and installation videos—we are netting significant savings in communities throughout North America.

Multifamily Kit Programs

Multifamily buildings pose unique challenges in terms of efficiency. For starters, renters are less likely to upgrade their spaces with energy- or water-saving products. Kit programs are a great way to overcome that challenge. We even coordinate with building owners and property managers to ensure the products are installed properly and supply commercial products to trade allies to install in common areas for even more savings.

Corporate Sustainability Kit Programs

Companies that are interested in promoting energy and water conservation and reducing their carbon footprint work with AM Conservation Group to provide kits to their employees. Many of our clients count the savings from the products in these kits toward their own sustainability goals. And these programs have the extra benefits of improving brand image and boosting employee satisfaction.

Small Business Kit Programs

Small business owners are often renters, too. And we know they’re the hardest of the hard-to-reach. So engaging them in conservation efforts can be a challenge. We've learned that kit programs are a great way to get a foot in the door at businesses and office complexes, eventually leading them to sign up for energy audits and direct install programs, make purchases in online stores and participate in customer engagement programs.

How it works

Working with AM Conservation Group on kit programs is completely turnkey. We design the kits, manufacture or source the products, assemble the kits, market the program and handle all the shipping and logistics.

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the savings.

AM Conservation Group is my first choice for kits because they are easy to work with, have very desirable turnaround times and great value. As an educator, I also appreciate the product insert which is supplied with kits. - Maria, ID

When you work with AM Conservation Group on a kit program, you can expect:

  • A diverse selection of industry-leading energy and water savings products—some we manufacture directly, others we distribute for other manufacturers—that can be combined in any way

  • Competitive program pricing that includes free shipping to your customers' homes

  • Kit packaging, educational inserts and other marketing materials custom designed by our talented in-house creative team to complement your branding or program theme

  • A dedicated program manager who will work with you to ensure successful implementation of your program
  • Online stores to facilitate modern, friction-free ordering and fulfillment

  • Immediate energy savings

  • Concierge-level customer service and a dedicated U.S.-based call center to address customer questions about kit products, installation and order processing

  • Customized reports to track program results quickly and securely

Learn how kit programs can help you reach your savings target and make your customers love you.