Spoiler Handheld Shower Wand

Refresh under a soothing showerhead. With the Spoiler handheld shower wand, a smooth and simple rotation switches the spray style. Conserve the heat used to warm up water, thanks to this head’s non-aerated design. In turn, customers save more money on their energy bill, and they are less likely to run out of hot water during showers—a win-win. 

Handheld shower wands are ideal for allowing more control in the shower. The showerhead wand features a pause feature that reduces the water flow for soaping up and turning the water right back on—with no change in temperature or need to readjust the flow.

Your customers can have more control over their shower experience and water conservation efforts. Hose and bracket not included.


Model #FinishGPMSpec
SH031C-H  Chrome 2.0 Coming Soon!

Spray Settings

The showerhead features 3 spray settings: needle (gentle), massage (forceful) and combination.



What’s a Flow Rate?

A flow rate measures how much water flows from the showerhead, faucet aerator or other nozzle each minute. Usually the rate is measured in gallons per minute (shortened to GPM). The lower the flow rate, the better efficiency—and greater hot water savings—a fixture has.




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