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A dimmable, instant-on LED at a great value. Suits bathrooms, patio fixtures and lamps—without casting a shadow underneath. Thanks to smart engineering, our durable LED delivers long-term performance and uses only a fraction of the energy that an incandescent would. Your constituents can save energy and money while enjoying a warm, natural-feeling light. 25,000-hour life. ENERGY STAR® certified for quality.

This dimmable A19 LED:

  • Delivers wide-reaching rays, thanks to a 220° beam angle
  • Withstands damp conditions, indoors and outdoors
  • Shines 15x longer than—and offers 80% energy savings over—comparable incandescents
  • Works in ceiling lights, decorative fixtures and even entirely enclosed fixtures (without overheating them)
  • Fits E26 existing sockets


Product Warranty: 5 years

Model #WattsEqv.
L17A2127K-JA8 17 100 1600 2700K E26 View Specs
L15A1927KENCL 15 100 1600 2700K E26 View Specs
L12A1927K-JA8 12 75 1100 2700K E26 View Specs
Contractor Pack:
60 Bulbs
11 75 1100 2700K E26 View Specs
L11A1927KENCL 11 75 1100 2700K E26 View Specs
Contractor Pack:
60 Bulbs
9 60 800 2700K E26 View Specs 
L09A1927KENCL-4PK 9 60 800 2700K E26 View Specs
L09A1927KENCL 9 60 800 2700K E26 View Specs
JA8 High Color Rendering Index
9 60 810 2700K E26 View Specs
L09A1940KENCL 9 60 800 4000K E26 View Specs
Contractor Pack:
60 Bulbs
6 40 450 2700K E26 View Specs
L06A1927KENCL 6 40 450 2700K E26 View Specs

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How’s color temperature measured?

Color temperature is expressed in kelvin (using the abbreviation “K”), a unit of measure for absolute temperature. When the color temperature is over 5000 K, it’s referred to as "cool-colored" (bluish-white). Lower color temperatures (2700–3000 K) are called "warm-colored" (yellowish-white through red).

These lamps are available in 2700K.


What’s a lumen?

A light’s brightness is measured in lumens (abbreviated as “lm”). If a light bulb is super bright, it produces a lot of lumens. Because LED lighting delivers more lumens per watt of electricity, LEDs are a more efficient light source than incandescent bulbs.



Lifetime hours

This bulb is about 60 percent more efficient than an standard 10,000 hour fluorescent bulb. 


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L15A1927KENCL, L11A1927KENC60, L11A1927KENCL, L09A1927KENCL, L09A1927KENCL, L06A1927KENC60, L06A1927KENCL, L09A1940KENCL, L12A1927K-JA8, L17A2127K-JA8
Warranty Information:
The Manufacturer guarantees to the original purchaser or recipient of this lamp that it is free from defects in material and workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the lamp. Lamps being returned must included proof of purchase.
Case Quantity
Case Quantity (Contractor Pack)

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